Optionally we can migrate the email and data from the old user to another account for reference after deletion, so please fill out as required.

This should be your Google Workspace administrator account, so we can verify the authenticity of this request.
If you want us to inform someone else that this is completed, please enter their email here.
Please enter the date and time the user will require access until, we will do our best to terminate access at that time, and then complete the migration & deletion.
If you select No then all emails will bounce back to the sender.
If you select No then all emails will be deleted when this request is processed.
Note anything in Shared Drives that this user had access to will remain, and they will cease to have access.
There are several services like Google Analytics, YouTube, Google My Business, Google Data Studio etc which are not part of Google Workspace.

You should check this user is not the sole owner of any assets in these other Google services prior to deletion as they will become unavailable to you and the organisation.

Use this space to give us any other information we may need.