Australian based Google Workspace support

Monthly Price
Annual Price

All plans include

  • Support by Email & Live Chat
  • Google Certified Collaboration Engineers
  • Email delivery issues
  • Domain Alignment
  • Regular Feature Updates
  • Annual Security Review
  • Best Practice Advice
  • Fast Expert Support
  • Email signature management

Suitable for startup businesses, up to 10 users
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  • Support
    via your Google Champion
  • Security
    Annual Review

Suitable for Business Standard & Plus subscribers, up to 50 users
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  • Support
    End User Concierge
  • Security
    Annual Review
  • Deliverability
    3rd Party CRM & EDM
  • Settings
    Tailored setup

More productivity

Knowledge and available support means no more spending time on Google looking for an answer and not finding it; your most technically competent colleague will get less questions when it’s not part of their role; your staff will be less frustrated and reduce the need to then purchasing external software to get the job done (costs more, takes time, and you don’t have security control over it)

Protect your business assets

By standardising the process and procedures of your team, and reducing the number ofapplications in use – you  have control and security over your valuable business intellectual property across any device and reduce security concerns on disparate applications.

Save money

You will also reduce the direct monthly spend on other products that Google Workspace competes with, reduce your administration overhead, speed up on boarding and offboarding and help your staff be more productive.

What do the Care Plans include?

Upskilling your team can be a risky proposition when it is not structured, and we see companies loose time, money and productivity. Here's what our Care Plans contain to help mitigate that risk.

Unlimited access to the Google Wokspace course in the SixFive Academy.
Email Deliverability
Assistance to deal with incoming SPAM and outgoing deliverability for Google Workspace
Security Reviews
Find out who isn’t securing their account, and find possible avenues to increase security
Intellectual Property
Look for documents and information being shared externally to your organisation and tighten up access
Education for your entire team to help them be self sufficient and competent with the tools you provide
Strategic Advice
Tailored set up and configuration for your organisation from our certified Google Cloud Collaboration Engineers
Group education
Online group learning sessions that are tailored to your business to make sure everyone is on the same page
Domain Alignment
Include your Website, CRM, EDM system or other 3rd party system that sends email from your domain to ensure it gets to the Inbox
Updates and Releases
Updates on new features released by Google as they come out, and videos added to the Academy on how to use them
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Suitable for startup businesses, up to 10 users
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Suitable for Business Standard & Plus subscribers, up to 50 user
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Suitable for Workspace Enterprise subscribers, with remote teams, device management & Chromebooks
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Support Google Champion Concierge Concierge Remote Desktop
Google Certified Collaboration & Support Engineers
Annual Security Review
Best Practice advice
Regular Updates on new Features
Ongoing Email Deliverability and Spam Alignment Google Only + 3rd Party CRM/EDM + 3rd Party CRM/EDM
Group training sessions 2/year 4/year
Online Learning
Google Vault Support
Shared Drives configuration and setup
Advanced Device Management set up and maintenance
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Care Plan Outcomes

Our Care Plans are designed to provide you, and your team with the skills needed to ustilise the tools vailable in daily work life, allowing you to focus on your business, not the challenges of IT.

Have users back on the road fast with answers to common issues via the most appropriate means such as email, walkthrough videos or remote screenshare 
Return on Investment
Get the most out of your IT spend by leveraging the wide range of collaboration and productivity that Google Workspace provides
Reduce IT dysfunction resulting in increased productivity and collaboration through one core set of tools.


A few of the common questions and as many answers as we could compile!

We recommend in your organisation there should be one person who champions the adoption of the product as part of their job role. This person knows your company well, understands where you are trying to go, and the challenges your team have on a daily basis. 

They are there to help your team when they get stuck, to triage issues and help drive the overall successful adoption for your team.

We are here to support your Champion, provide strategic advice to help drive security and best practice based on our 7+ years of Google Workspace experience and 1000’s of users supported. 

Nothing changes as far as your access rights are concerned, you still own your account and continue to be the Super Admin.

We will slot in as part of your existing admin team and help you to keep things ticking along, plus we can provide direct advice and support drawing from our 7+years of working with other clients on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

Ideally you are a client under our Google Partner, and your billing is provided by us, not direct to Google.

If you are a Partner client we get access to your settings and admin areas at no extra cost to you. We cannot see end user data, or anything that is private to users however.

If you are billed direct to Google then you will need to add an Administrator level account for us to be able to access your system. This also has benefits as we can act on behalf of users to work on Shared Drives and more directly assist with issues like spam, or other issues that contain end user data.

Upskilling your team can be a risky proposition when it is not structured, and we see companies loose time, money and productivity because:

  1. Your staff individually spend time on Google looking for an answer, and don’t find it quickly, or not at all
  2. A member of your team looses productivity fielding colleagues questions because they are the most technically competent, but it’s not part of their role
  3. Hacking around trying to make something work, getting frustrated and then purchasing external software to get the job done (costs more, takes time, and you don’t have security control over it)

Looking for a local expert? We're here.

Our team of Certified Google Professionals are ready for your call. Give us a call on 02 80065082 or use the live chat.

Go to Business
For less than 300 users and SME business requirements then Google Workspace Business might be for you
Go to Not for Profit
Are you a registered Charity or Not for Profit – you can save big on Google products.