Converting Universal Analytics Events to Google Analytics version 4

In preparation for the sunset of Universal Analytics, get your Google Analytics version 4 started!
Last updated: June 6, 2022

As Google brought Google Analytics version 4 out of Beta we must now start to collate our data into both properties in preparation for the sunset of Universal Analytics. There is no date for this yet, but acting now will result in better data for you in the future when that happens.

In this video, I’ll take you through how to convert your Univeral Analytics into Google Analytics Version 4. It’s not very difficult, so this step by step will show you how we did one of ours, and you can now repeat that for your custom events.

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Duncan Isaksen-Loxton

Educated as a web developer, with over 20 years of internet based work and experience, Duncan is a Google Workspace Certified Collaboration Engineer and a WordPress expert.

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