Add User to Google Tag Manager (Securely)

Don't share your password! Adding users to Google Tag Manager securely is quick and easy and means you retain control.
December 7, 2021 10:33 am

Adding users to Google Tag Manager securely.

Every property and building block of your web presence should be available to you (it’s your’s after all). This means if your web team build or configure or install something for you – then you should be the owner of it as far as practical. If you can’t be the owner, you need to know how to take it over if necessary.

When tags are installed on your site, such as Google Analytics, they may be installed using Google Tag Manager. When you add an SEO or Marketing team to your operation you would need to give them access, but you can’t share your own password.

Here is how you do it securely, without sharing any passwords.

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