Google My Business – Removing the Google created website

Did you know Google Business creates a full website? If you also run your own site you may want to disable this free version so your web traffic gets sent to your main site.
October 22, 2021 11:30 am

Google My Business creates a website for you based on all the content you enter in to show up on Google. You can even buy a custom domain for it!

But if you run your own website (and we recommend you do for complete control) then you don’t want this Google website to appear in your search results, but display you normal domain instead.

In this video we’ll talk about why these generated sites work for some people 0:25, but also how to 1:32 turn off this website so your website is linked.


These sites are great for very simple brochure sites that display your contact details, and a few photos, in fact they are great for tradies and tradesmen that don’t need to do lots of promotion (as most work comes from word of mouth) but do need to be found locally when a potential customer Googles ‘electrician Gold Coast’ or similar.

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